A few steps to claim your reward
Copy your exclusive invitation link
Refer friends to register
Friends complete tasks to unlock futures trial bonuses
Friend's assistance
Refer friends to register and complete the following tasks to unlock rewards:
Friend's deposit
Friend's first completion of - USDT or more deposit, and completion of any - futures trading
Friend's trading assistance
Friend's total futures trading amount reaches - USDT
My reward records
Event details
1. This Event rule takes effect from —/—/— (UTC);
2. Inviters can unlock random amount rewards by inviting friends to complete tasks. Each accumulated unlock amount of - USDT can be cashed out once. The inviter can receive up to - USDT in rewards;
3. Inviters need to complete KYC level1 verification to participate in the event;
4. Friend deposits need to be purchased through OTC or transferred in from external addresses. Deposits made from other Aibit accounts will not be counted as deposit amounts for tasks;
5. Inviters can view the number of friends invited and the corresponding unlocked reward amount through the invite friends page;
6. Daily invitation data will be updated in real-time. After clicking the withdrawal operation and passing the backend review, the reward will be credited to the inviter's account;
7. During the event, it is strictly prohibited to obtain rewards through malicious behavior, including opening multiple accounts and inflating transactions, operating multiple accounts with the same IP address, and other cheating behaviors. Once discovered, Aibit reserves the right to cancel the qualification for rewards;
8. Aibit reserves the right to interpret this activity, and the platform reserves the right to change the activity rules at any time.